We love sharing those who support us. Here are the companies and teams out there supporting this great meet!

Founded in 1929, Uesaka is internationally renowned for its top quality equipment and products.  Uesaka remains a family run business with three generations of master craftsmen, designers and machinists. Uesaka is the only barbell to support 6 different Olympics and IS the standard all other barbell companies compare against.

Overall Sinclair WINNER of both male and female recieve prizes!

We are dedicated to serving Michigan’s hard-working dairy farm families.

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM) is the umbrella organization for the Dairy Council of Michigan and the American Dairy Association of Michigan.

We believe milk is a natural beverage that delivers nutrition, health, and true local flavor. We are dedicated to being your credible source for information about dairy foods and Michigan dairy farming by providing science-based nutrition information to foster a healthier society.

Mission 1 Apparel was founded by Joe and Michelle Stewart, a husband and wife team and owner’s of Mission 1 – CrossFit Caro. Our Mission is clear: Share who we are and what we love with everyone that we possibly can. Help as many people and athletes along the way as possible.